News from the GM

Wednesday, 13th February 2008

Following some polite and friendly dialogue with Trafford MBC, I am delighted to advise the contents of a letter received at the Phoenix offices today.

As of tomorrow Thursday 14th, whilst the new rates of parking charges on the Oakfield Road Car Park will remain the same as they currently are, the council have kindly agreed to revert back to the original hours of charging.

This in simple terms means that evenings from 6.00pm and Sunday parking will revert back to being FREE.

Furthermore, the Blue Coat wardening has been suspended, for the period after 6.00pm each day, whilst the signage and machine changes are implemented.

I have written back to Trafford MBC thanking them for their consideration and understanding of the viewpoint, not only of the club, but many supporters too and thanking them for this pro-active action.

Andy Costigan
General Manager
Manchester Phoenix