Andy Costigan answers the forum folk

Tuesday, 5th May 2009

Ever since the weekend of the '08 play-off semi-finals, the Phoenix forum has been buzzing with rumours, conjecture and even a bit of grumbling on the subject of why the Phoenix were where they were at the end of the season and where they were going.

A number of forum-posters from around the League suggested that the Phoenix were not the richest club in the league simply because other organisations did more to publicise their teams.

In an exclusive podcast interview, Ben Knight spoke to Phoenix GM Andy Costigan about what has been going on since last season.

It seems that the Phoenix organisation has been using every possible medium to build-up those crowds and increase the Club's standing in the region.

"The technical, computer boffins have set up electronic portal systems with 30 companies where their staff can log on and follow the Phoenix as well as buying tickets and even getting some free tickets.

"Over 4000 people have signed-up through those portals and about 3000 of those have come to see Phoenix play."

Costigan says that the Club is now working on ways of getting those newbies back again and again. With over 2000 posters around the region last season and around 60 radio commercials across local and regional radio, the GM believes the Club is fighting hard for its airtime in a county that is packed with sports teams.

Although many fans will not know it, the Phoenix also works with many local schools and now has around 30 charities signed-up to the Club's "Wish Upon A Star" programme - working hard to give something to the community that sustains it.

The interview includes a bit of myth-busting as Andy discusses Tallari, Molin and Courteney. With 4 more signings due to be announced over the next 10 days or so, this summer is set to be crazy on the forums as Costigan would not give the names of the next to be announced.

"I could tell you but I'd have to kill you - and that's not good for publicity."

To get the whole interview, either search iTunes Store, go to www.manchesterphoenix.co.uk/podcast or listen on the Phoenix front page.