Martin Cingel minded about winning trophies with Manchester

Tuesday, 28th June 2011

Jim “Tambo” Piper caught up with forward Martin Cingel to talk about all things hockey.

Martin, you were in Edinburgh for a fair number of seasons, how come the change?

“Yes, 9 good years with a good club. The fans were fantastic and although it was a wrench to leave Murrayfield, I felt it was time for a new challenge.  I know Tony and worked with him before and it was easy to strike a deal.”

Are your family still up in Edinburgh?

“Yes, my family are well settled in Edinburgh and my two sons, aged 5 and 2 are at school and playgroup in the city. It is not too far to travel and I will have Tony for company on trips home.”

What do you know about the EPL and what will you bring to Phoenix?

“I know a lot of players in the league and am well aware it is a difficult league to play in. There are a lot of hungry, talented players in it, and I am looking forward to next season. Hopefully, I can bring experience to the team and leadership in the locker room. As I said, I know Tony of old and have a good idea what he wants from me.”

Of course, you are not the only Slovakian in our team this year. Do you know Ladzi Harabin?

“I have not met him personally, but am well aware of his talents. I actually recommended him last year when Tony asked me about him. He is a well respected player back home and has many Extra Liga games under his belt. It will be good to use the mother tongue now and again with him.”

Have you started training for the new season yet?

“Yes, about 4 weeks ago with gym training and conditioning. I will be going home  for a couple of weeks and will start on the ice while I am there and continue back in Edinburgh before I come down to Manchester.”

Do you have a message for the fans?

“I am here to win trophies with Manchester. They always seemed a good, passionate set of supporters when I have played against Manchester and I am very happy to play for them next season and hopefully be part of a winning team.”

Thank you, Martin, and see you in September.

Martin Cingel

Martin Cingel

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