Meet Jakub Langhammer

Wednesday, 5th October 2016

Manchester Phoenix's media team caught up with Jakub Langhammer to find out more about the Czech star.

How did you start playing hockey?

I began playing when I was three years old, my parents encouraged me a lot, as I was playing soccer too, so they were kept busy!

You went onto play junior hockey at a young age…

I grew up in Kladno where lots of good hockey players have come from, as they have a good junior system.

How did your move to the US come about?

I was entered into the junior draft and was picked in the first round.  I played for Spokane in the Western Hockey League for two years and really enjoyed it.

It was hard at first as I was only 17, I was away from my parents and didn’t speak English, but I soon picked it up and ended up buying a car so I had a bit of freedom!

How does the US junior leagues differ?

It’s very different to playing junior hockey in the Czech Republic! There’s lots more practice sessions, followed by gym sessions, and you spend all day at the rink.  It’s a tough, physical league but with lots of good players, and I came up against some current NHL players.

I also had my first fight in the US, and I woke up in the dressing room!  After that, I probably had five or six fights, and won about half of them.

How did your game develop in the US?

I was a centre, but had to concentrate on playing more defence. It helped me develop an all-round game, and improve my passing skills.

You then went back to the Czech Republic?

I spent five or six years at Sparta Prague; they’re such a big club and I was so excited to play for them!  We won two Czech Extraliga titles, and it was awesome to be a part of that.

In the first title season, I was only a fourth line player, but a year later, I was playing second line, so it was nice to play a greater role in winning the championship.

Playing for Sparta Prague is the highlight of my career so far as not many players get to play for such a big club.

You did go onto play for the national team though…

Yes, I played a couple of tournament which was a great experience, I remember one year in Switzerland when we came up against Germany, which was a good game.

You’ve recently spent a couple of years in Germany…

Yes, two seasons in Germany, and they have pretty good leagues with lots of North American players.  I don’t speak German so it was quite hard at times but fortunately my wife does so that helped!

How would you describe yourself as a hockey player?

I think I’m an intelligent player and I like to move the puck quickly and create chances for my teammates.

How did you end up signing for Phoenix?

My agent said that Manchester was interested and I spoke to several other Czech players who told me it was a good league, and I wanted to experience something different.

What’s your first impressions of Manchester?

I can tell that it’s a strong league in England, and the games have been really competitive.  It’s been a tough start to the season but I’m confident that we’ll pick up some wins soon.

I’m really enjoying living in a city as big as Manchester – it’s an awesome place! Blackpool has also been great as I like being next to the ocean and just relaxing!

What’s your aims for the season?

I want to try to get points every night and if I do that I’ll be happy.  But more than that, I want the team to win and that’s what I’ll try to do.

Jakub Langhammer

Jakub Langhammer

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