Dave Clancy interview

Friday, 29th August 2003

Dave Clancy was born in Germany whilst his father was a serving member in the armed forces. Encouraged by his older brother and biggest career influence to date Mike, or Monty as he is nicknamed, into playing hockey, Dave got his first invite at a general skating session in Deeside. “I was just skating around and this guy called Gary Shaw approached me and suggested I try out for the junior hockey team. I jumped at the chance and fell in love with the game right away. I started out as a skater but eventually tried my luck in goal and have stayed there since. I like to play out for fun and being able to use a stick either left or right handed confuses people… I like to think its clever (laughs) but they get their own back when I’m in goal if they score – hence one of my nicknames…’Cat-Flap’ now, is that cruel or what?”

Dave took to the pads and blocker role of the goalie and playing for the Altrincham Tigers at U-19 level, was a member of the squad that won a tournament in Cardiff and he was named ‘Goalie of the tournament.’ Dave noted, “That is probably the highlight of my hockey career to date and being named as the best goalie really boosted my confidence.”

As an U-20, Dave was selected for the Great Britain squad but was unable to travel with the national team when it visited Estonia that year. “I felt honoured to be selected, any time your country calls you up to the national team, it’s an honour. It doesn’t matter what the level is – I still hope for more call ups in the future and I believe that signing for the Phoenix can only help me in that direction.”

Something of a joker, Dave names Bobby Haig as his favourite British player… and the worst while turning slightly more sensible as he named Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur as his NHL heroes. “Bobby is a good guy and won’t mind me saying he’s the worst player I know. As for the other two, I don’t really need to comment on them do I?”

Signing for the Phoenix, Dave reckons he is more excited than he actually feels. “It was great to be invited to the trials and even better to be selected for further consideration. Playing hockey is what I dream about and something I want more than anything – and I can’t thank Rick Brebant and the rest of the Phoenix organisation enough for giving me this chance – I don’t intend letting them down.”

But, the thanks from Dave don’t stop there, “The management of Knitmesh where I work have been unbelievable since I told them I have a chance to play hockey in the Elite league. My manager, Ian Mooney, and the senior management have been so supportive to me – they really want me to do well and have agreed to help out with allowing me time off for training as much as possible. I want to do well for them as much as for the team and myself.”

Moments before boarding a plane for a holiday before the real pre-season training starts, Dave quipped, “I can’t wait to get back and get on the ice training. Given this opportunity, I’ll be giving it 110% ever session. I wont give up, I want to go as far as I can.” Asked if he had any other ambitions, the joker in him came through again as he quipped, “I’d like to stay on my feet.”