World Championships - Latvia 2006

Wednesday, 3rd May 2006

It’s that time of the year again and the big boys come out to play. This years competition is in Latvia and will be played in two arenas in Riga the capital.

Here is my take on what might happen, bearing in mind my previous history in predictions.


Czech Republic (World ranking: 2nd), Finland (4th), Latvia(9th), Slovenia(17th).

On paper the Czech Republic and Finland should qualify for the second round with no problems at all. I would expect Latvia to use home advantage and cling on to 3rd place to play in the second round. Cannot see anything other than the relegation round for Slovenia.


Canada (3rd), USA (7th), Denmark (14th), Norway (18th).

Again the big two should go through with no problems but the USA have a very young team this year with some of the old favourites missing. Look out for a surprise or two from Norway. They might just edge out Denmark to the 3rd qualifying spot


Sweden (1st), Switzerland (8th), Ukraine (15th), Italy (16th).

Sweden will win this group at a canter , Ukraine might just give Switzerland a tough game but their cup final will be against Italy to avoid the relegation spot.


Slovakia (5th), Russia (6th), Kazakhstan (11th), Belarus (12th).

This could be the toughest group to predict. Slovakia should win it as the Russians are missing some key players who starred in the Olympics. Belarus are a tough feisty side and Kazahkstan can spoil the party for anybody. I will go with the rankings for the first two but think Belarus will edge Kazakhstan


That’s it for now. I will report from Friday as the games begin.

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