World Championships Quarter Finals Day 1

Thursday, 18th May 2006


This should be a close one. USA are getting their offensive lines together and Dustin Brown has been a revelation. Sweden are tough and have big game players in their team. If USA can keep out of the penalty box, they could spring a surprise.

Sweden jumped into an early lead on 2:48. Sundin passed to Hannula skating into the zone from the left. The USA defence backed off and he shot past the goalie for 1-0. America seem rather lethargic at this point and Sweden seem to have more about them. The Tre Krone doubled their lead on 15:40. Sundin on the left passed the puck to the centre of the blue line and Kronwall one timed a shot on goal. Anderson made a good block save but Hannula reacted first and swept the puck past him for 2-0.
End of the period and a deserved 2-0 lead for USA. Sweden have outshot USA 12-8 but the defensive line looks in complete control.

Much of the same in what is quite a boring match to start the 2nd. Sweden went 3-0 up after  25:51. Absolute howler from Anderson in the USA goal. Samuelsson just flicked one in on goal from the right point and it crept between glove and body into the net.  He would like that one back thats for sure. The period was meandering along with Sweden just trapping on their own blue line when at 35:34 it was 4-0. On the powerplay the defence allowed 2 Swedish forwards to just stand in front of the crease, totally screening Anderson and he never even saw Jonsson’s average shot from centre blue line. USA just do not look interested in this game. Poorest display of the tournament by them.

Third period began with USA changing their goalie. Jason Bacashihua of the St Louis Blues replacing the unfortunate Anderson. 7 minutes gone in the third and I am off to make a cup of tea. Terrible, boring game of hockey. Sweden go nap at 48:41 as Hannula all alone at centre ice, took a pass from Nordqvist with not a single d man in sight and skated in to beat the goalie low to the left with a crisp shot. 58:36 and the rout was complete as Kronwall passed to Martensson who in turn found Karlsson with a superb pass through the middle. Easy shot for Karlsson beating the goalie to the left. End of the game and 6-0 to Sweden.  Tre Krone did not have to get out of third gear to win this one at a canter. USA were all over the place defensively for the whole game.


This could be the hockey equivalent of the shoot out at the OK corral, with Canada very hot offensively. The Crosby, Bergeron, Boyes line for Canada seem to know where each other is by telepathy and the Slovaks will be hard pressed to hold them. The Slovaks on the otherhand have been struggling and only scraped through on the back of a good win against Ukraine. Pavilovsky and Milo seem to be their best hope of goals. I think they will be relying heavily on superb goalie Krizan to keep them in the game in the early stages.

Good end to end start in this game and it took 7 minutes for the first penalty when Vydareny went to the box for tripping. Two good chances for Canada well saved by Krizan. Canada outshooting their opponents 9-1 in the first 10 minutes.  Slovakia took the lead on 17:36 as Milo shot from left point and the puck was deflected past Denis by defender Calder. Unlucky for the goalie who was positioned well for the save. End of period and 1-0 to Slovakia. First 10 minutes were all Canada, second 10 went to Slovakia.

End to end period with good saves by both goalies. Canada equalised on 34:35. Shanahan worked the puck on the left and Cammalleri scored from in front of the crease. End of the period and its 1-1. Good period for Canada and they look the more likely team to score. Shot count 28-18 to Canada. Krizan looks very good in the Slovak goal.

3:44 and Canada thought they had taken the lead but the video replay showed a brilliant glove save by Krizan on the goal line. Half way through the 3rd and still 1-1. Good end to end game. Great chance for the Canadian top line on 12:48. Bergeron to Crosby then cross ice pass to Boyes who brought out a great save by Krizan. 7 seconds later the line came good. Face off left side won by Canada, puck came to Bergeron who skated inside and let one go along the ice and past Krizan’s outstretched left pad. 2-1 Canada with 7 mins to go. 3-1 to Canada on 14:23. Again the top line and with a superb shot from Bergeron that Krizan stopped with his chest. The puck spilled out and wonderkid Crosby was there to lift the puck high into the net. Two quick goals that the up to now brilliant Krizan would like to have back. 4-1 at 14:32 as Slovakia turn the puck over behind their own goal and Carter scored with the wraparound. End of the game and 4-1 to Canada. Scoreline flattered Canada a bit but the BBC line are a cut above the rest. Krizan in the Slovak goal had a superb game up till the roof fell in.

So Canada and Sweden will meet in the first semi final on Saturday.


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