Meet the Players and book launch

Thursday, 23rd November 2006

The Phoenix will be holding a "Meet the Players" night at the Sports Cafe Manchester on Friday November 24, which also sees the launch of the autobiography of Britain’s most celebrated player, Tony Hand MBE.

Coach Hand will be at the Sports Cafe to sign copies of the book on its launch, which fans can buy for the same price as in the shops.

Tickets for the event costs £5 for Club Phoenix members and £5.50 for non-members. Children are welcome at the Sports Cafe from 7pm to 9pm, if accompanied by an adult.

Tony Hand MBE: A Life in British Ice Hockey charts the Scottish-born forward’s career over the last 25 years.

The first UK-born player to be drafted into the NHL and the finest ever to grace these shores, Tony tells his story from growing up on a council estate in Edinburgh and playing his first senior game at the tender age of 14 for the Murrayfield Racers to training with the Edmonton Oilers, Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky and landing the grand slam with the Sheffield Steelers.

His story spans more than 25 years, beginning with a race to avoid the ‘big kids’ at the rink, landing scoring titles that some players could only dream of and culminating in transforming the fortunes of his home club.

In his own words, Tony takes you through his life from winning and losing at Wembley to the highs and lows with the GB national team, his clubs and players.

Find out:

o Why he didn’t take Edmonton’s offer to stay in the NHL… 
o What really happens on a European Tour… 
o Why he was banned for taking a decongestant… 
o If apple sauce really does boost energy…

Savvy, witty and often controversial, Tony takes us through his thoughts on the game and pulls no punches in suggesting how Ice Hockey should move forward.

Tony Hand: A Life in British Ice Hockey, published by Tempus (0 7524 3797 6), is available from www.tempus-publishing.com or sales at Tempus 01453 883300.