The light at the end of the tunnel

Friday, 10th December 2004

With the latest (and some may long overdue) update from the Phoenix Head Office regarding the progress towards a new rink, we can all rest a little easier in our beds knowing that progress is indeed being made. For ages now it's been uber-quiet, even on the official site, as there's been either nothing to report or nothing that we're allowed to report (bless those Confidentiality Agreements!)

But the light on the horizon is flickering into life. Mark from the Phoenix HQ has hinted that we may see an announcement in the New Year concerning the location of the new rink, which whilst nothing more than words at the moment, it does represent a huge leap forward. It shows that the behind-the-scenes work is still going on strong, and that the club is starting to gear up for new life.

The behind-the-scenes staff (including Carl, Mike and myself) have been reactivated (just like secret service agents, only with less paperwork) and we're starting to work towards getting back into full speed operational mode again. As Editor of this Features page, I'm currently recruiting staff writers to give the Phoenix literary output more strength and breadth. My plan is to give the Phoenix site and Phoenix e-mails not just news on current developments and match results but a wider range of information, areas of concern and opinions on the sport as a whole, so that every visit to the team website can provide more than signing news and goal stats (great though they are!). Our aim is to give you the fans that little bit extra, and to get the Phoenix wagon back on the rails.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get it on...

by Richard Allan