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Friday, 4th July 2008

Tony Hand has a proven track record in attracting quality goalscorers to the Manchester Phoenix, and in 32-year old David Beauregard, he's signed a sniper of genuine pedigree.

Montreal native David Beauregard is the man Hand has entrusted to fill the hole left by Joe Tallari and the task does not faze the amiable French Canadian. "I know Joe did a great job in Manchester last year and I'm coming there to take on that role. I've always worn number 10 on my shirt and Joe too did well with that number last year. People have told me I should have tried Europe earlier in my career, so I'm really excited about signing in Manchester."

David Beauregard suffered a staggering injury not long after being drafted in 1994 by the San Jose Sharks, when after scoring 15 goals in his first 12 games of the 94-95 season, he took a high stick to the face that resulted in the loss of sight in his left eye. "It wasn't easy getting back into the game," he said. "It took me a while to judge distances again. But I love hockey, and I was determined to play again and turn professional. I'd had a good camp with the Sharks despite being one of the smallest players there and I knew I could make it." The injury cost him a chance to sign an NHL contract, but that didn't deter him from his goal to play the game he loves. "I just kept on practising and things got better and better, and the goals returned, it doesn't bother me at all."

Phoenix supremo Tony Hand commented, "Davids' record is impressive to say the least and we are very pleased to have secured his signature. Everywhere he's played he's scored goals, it seems to come naturally to him and we're hopeful he'll continue that trend in Manchester. When we spoke to him, he was excited and we could tell he was keen to come. And the references we got talk of a quality person, both on and off the ice."

In a career spanning 15 seasons, the six-foot, 190lb, left-shot forward has posted an amazing 606 goals together with over 500 assists to show he's as adept at setting up goals as he is at scoring them. And just minutes after signing his contract paperwork, the bubbly Canadian added, "Coming to England and Manchester will be a totally new experience for my wife Stacy and me, but friends who've played there told me not to hesitate. Sean Starke played there last season and he was very enthusiastic and Troy Neumeier who I won a championship with in Fort Wayne told me we'll love it there - we can't wait. I love to play hockey, love to practise, I'm so happy and feel privileged to be coming there."

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David Beauregard in action for the Tulsa Oilers

David Beauregard in action - playing for the Tulsa Oilers.

David Beauregard

David Beauregard: feels privileged to play in Manchester
(Image: courtesy of the Tulsa Oilers website)

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