Come on then, Vipers! Hit us with your best shot

Wednesday, 25th February 2009

It may be a mid-weeker on Thursday but this is one you will not want to miss.

On Thursday evening, the Unison-powered Manchester Phoenix takes on the slippery Newcastle Vipers.

On 18th Feb, Phoenix took control over this semi-final with a three-goal lead against the boys from the North-East. But with another 60 minutes of hockey left to play in this round, it could go either way and Wilson's men will be keen to settle the score.

"As last weekend, we'll take nothing for granted in the second leg next Thursday as we know the Vipers will come at us hard once again." - Tony Hand.

If you don't know the flash-points yet, consider this:

  • Vipers had two "goals" washed-out last time and they were not happy about it.
  • Andre Payette wanted a piece of Cloots and Alex Dunn but couldn't really get himself into first gear.
  • Chris MacAllister thinks he's the big man of the League - who does he think he's kidding?!

He's forgetting about the League's top-scoring forward, Beauregard and the League's top-scoring Brit and living legend, Tony Hand.

Thursday's hockey is going to be fast and furious and, with the Vipers visiting, you know that there may be blood on the ice if the snakes don't remember their place.

The lads NEED that extra man on Thursday night. DON'T LET THEM DOWN!

Do you want to be a part of the crowd that cheers the Phoenix into the final? This is too good an opportunity to miss. Maybe Brett will even do his "canoe" goal celebration...