Something for the weekend?

Friday, 27th February 2009

The Blaze can be beaten. The Phoenix have shown you that already!

On Saturday, it's all happening at the Altrincham Ice Dome. A Phoenix side on spectacular form are going to set about upsetting Thommo and the Blaze. At 6.30pm, the lights will go down and the League's best intro will fire-up.

Will you be there to go nuts as the Phoenix charge onto the ice?

Well, you sure should be. The Blaze are just asking for a hammering right now. Phoenix may just be the ones to put them in their place.

This Saturday should be a game with a bit of everything. The last win against the Blaze was arguably one of the best games of the season at Dome. It has taken some time but now they are rumbled.

This is one for the family, folks. A full Ice Dome and a deafening crowd should see the Phoenix take the points and should see the Blaze shuffling back down the M6 with their heads bowed.

Some people have commented this season that Phoenix aren't a threat to the ‘big 4’. Well, so far this year, Phoenix have beaten ALL of them at least once.

So get down to the Dome or get those tickets bought online straight-away to help get the Phoenix the two points needed to restore the proper order to the league table.

Bring a friend and let them see why you go off the radar on a Phoenix night!