Hand good to go after minor knee op

Friday, 17th April 2009

Britain’s greatest ever ice hockey player and Manchester Phoenix player coach, Tony Hand MBE, is ready to resume his stellar playing career following a successful minor knee operation.

Hand entered an Edinburgh hospital last week ahead of keyhole surgery to repair damaged knee cartilidge in his left leg. And he was pleased to hear that his knee is in excellent condition and that he will be able to resume training shortly.

Speaking from his Edinburgh home Hand commented, “I’ve had this kind of minor surgery before and never had a problem, so I wasn’t unduly bothered going into hospital last week. The doctors advised me that I should take things easy for about ten days or a fortnight before riding the bike again or going back on the ice. That suits me just fine as with the season now over, I can rest a little and do some work on my recruiting needs for the coming season.”

Inevitably as each summer rolls around, Hand is asked about continuing his playing career still further and he commented, “It was nice to be told that my knee is in good order and so at least I’ve no concerns in that area. As I’ve said for the past couple of years, I still enjoy the training and playing of the game and whilst my long-term future lies behind the bench coaching, whilst I can still contribute on the ice, I’ll take it year by year.”

As he rests his knee, Hand is reviewing a steady flow of player information as he looks toward the 2009-10 season. “Just as the club is reviewing all aspects of the off-ice operation, I’m giving the on-ice matters a great deal of thought. I’ve got some ideas of some guys I’d like to try and bring to Manchester and some guys who I’d like to retain from last season. We have a number of options open to us and I’m confident we’ll have some signing news before too long.”

Tony Hand

Tony Hand: "Whilst I can still contribute on the ice, I’ll take it year by year"

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