The Three R's... Rock Radio Returning

Thursday, 13th August 2009

Although this weekend's return of Premier League Football is dominating the headlines, preparations for another season of Ice-hockey - the world's fastest team sport are also moving on a pace.

And to further bolster what promises to be an exciting season of hits, saves and goals galore in their first season of English Premier League action, the North-West's favourite ice-hockey team, the Manchester Phoenix, have once again teamed up with Manchester's first classic rock station, 106.1 Rock Radio.

Synonymous with the hard-hitting sport, rock music has long been a welcome partner with both ice-hockey players and fans alike. And it's anthemic beat has provided the audible backdrop for many celebrations, fan interactive chants, and even the occasional (okay, more than occasional) on-ice fisticuffs!

As Phoenix Player/Head Coach, Tony Hand MBE, explains: "Although ice-hockey is a game of strength, speed and skill where the adrenaline is already pumping at full throttle, the infusion of rock music from the likes of AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Metallica and many others really accentuates the hard-hitting aspects of the game raising it to another level for both the fans and players alike. Without rock music, and L-O-U-D rock music at that, the game just wouldn't be the same."

Commenting for 106.1 Rock Radio, Andy Carter (Managing Director) stated: "Not only does the partnership work on-air with 106.1 Rock Radio bringing Manchester's ice-hockey fraternity up to the minute news on their favourite team, it also works at a grass roots level with our helping to intensify the game-day atmosphere and environment by our providing the music for the team's home games.

Our demographic is ideally suited to ice-hockey, and really is a win-win scenario for both entities."

And once the season's underway, keep your eyes and ears open for details of when and how 106.1 Rock Radio and the Manchester Phoenix are once again helping to raise both cash and awareness for the Manchester Million Appeal, it'll 'Rock The House'!

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"Our demographic is ideally suited to ice-hockey, and really is a win-win scenario for both entities."

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