Phoenix request EPL playoff clarification

Monday, 5th April 2010

Manchester Phoenix officials have requested clarification of the English Premier League playoff semi-final schedule having been advised that their game against Slough is slated to be the evening game next Saturday, with a 7.00pm face-off.

GM Andy Costigan advised, "Following the quarterfinal games and granted it was late on Sunday night, I e-mailed the league to confirm that with the number one seeds Milton Keynes being eliminated, that the number two seeds, Slough, would have the choice to play in the first semi-final and this was confirmed. Then on Monday afternoon, notice was issued that the first semi-final would be Guildford (4th seeds) vs Swindon (8th seeds) and both Slough and ourselves immediately queried the decision."

"It is absolutely nothing to do with who the teams are, and I would have queried this decision even if Manchester had been eliminated - it's somewhat mystifying that the semi-final between the fourth and eighth seeded teams can take precedence over the game between the second and third seeds."

"To my mind, the highest seeded team left in the competition - Slough - should be given the option to play the first or second game, and the rest then falls into place. I've spoken with league officials on Monday evening and expect final clarification sometime on Tuesday."