Phoenix accept EPL playoff decision

Tuesday, 6th April 2010

Following the request from Manchester Phoenix officials for clarification of the English Premier League playoff semi-final schedule, the club have accepted that the scheduling - whilst not to their liking - has been accepted.

GM Andy Costigan commented, "Monday saw a flurry of phone calls and many, many e-mails flying around involving all four clubs involved in the semi-finals and of course, league officials. Late on Monday, the rules of competition were re-circulated and they clearly state that the winners of the quarterfinal tie between the first and eighth seeds will play the winners of the quarterfinal between the fourth and fifth placed seeds in the first semi-final."

"With the first seeds, Milton Keynes, being eliminated, that sees the Swindon Wildcats into the afternoon semi-final against Guildford, while Slough and ourselves will compete in the evening face-off in Coventry. I don't think I can recall a time previously when the two higher seeded semi-finalists play in the second game, but as they say, 'rules is rules' and we have to abide by them."