Flying high

Tuesday, 31st May 2011

Adam Summerfield has made the decision to follow his other great dream in life of becoming a pilot. Adam has now been officially accepted into the RAF. Adam who has been with the Phoenix since the 2007-2008 season icing in both the Elite league and The Premier league has been a great asset to the team and will sadly be missed. However talking to Tony Hand from his home in Edinburgh he said that, “he would never stand in the way of any player being presented with such a great opportunity and although both he and Neil Morris the club owner will miss Adam greatly they both wish him the best of luck,” he went on to say that, “when he gets his wings he can always come back and fly for the Phoenix”

On the recruitment of a replacement the club were tight lipped and said that, “we are looking through a selection of resumes at the moment however some time you have to choose your keeper to match your defensive line up and that job is not finished yet.” The club did disclose that Hand had been in discussions with a young import defensive man that liked to look after his team mates as well as move up and down the ice like jet plane.

It is believed that the club will release the names of two more great players that will join the Premier League Champions for this coming season, next Tuesday morning. We know one of those is an import forward as both Hand and Morris have dropped hints over the last couple of weeks, the other we are led to believe could be a defence men.

Adam Summerfield 2010/2011 Profile Photo

Adam Summerfield

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