Coach Hand to eye up the Metros

Friday, 14th October 2011

This Saturday the Trafford Metros will be taking to the ice against the Solihull Barons, and will be doing so under the watchful eyes of two of the Phoenix top brass. Sources from inside the organisation have hinted that Phoenix Player Coach Tony Hand and team owner Neil Morris will be at the Altrincham Ice Dome to watch the Metros, as they hope to repeat their success against the Barons earlier this season when the Solihull team were defeated 2-7 on their home ice.

The same sources have also hinted that Phoenix's Ciaran Long, sidelined through injury during the first leg of the War Of The Roses, may be icing for the Metros this weekend as he progresses back to game fitness. Long and fellow Phoenix team-mate Josh Ward iced for the Metros on their opening weekend putting in outstanding performances, and the hope is that Long will be ready to ice and to impress!

The Trafford Metros have provided the Phoenix with up and coming British talent in past seasons, with players such as Max Drakeley and Jake Nurse having donned the Phoenix colours and iced in front of the faithful, and no doubt Coach Hand will see this game as a chance to take a close look at the potential future Phoenix talent.

Phoenix owner Neil Morris sees it as a an excellent opportunity to take a look at the best that the area has to offer. "These boys play some absolutely cracking hockey," Neil enthuses. "It's hard hitting, fast paced and skillful, and you can see our players of tomorrow giving it their all today!"

Doors open on Saturday 15th October at 4.30pm with the game facing off at 5.15pm, with free admission to Phoenix season ticket holders.

Ciaran Long

Ciaran Long

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