Phoenix battling against the odds

Wednesday, 19th October 2011

Jim “Tambo” Piper caught up with MD Neil Morris at the Phoenix office to find out how things were going so far this season.

“Neil, it’s been a tough start to the season. Any thoughts on this?”

“Well, Jim, the first few weeks of this season have been the toughest I have known since Phoenix was formed. We seem to have been behind the eight ball since day one in Sheffield. I have never known an injury list like it so early in the season and it really has affected the way we play. By now, we would have expected the lines to be settled and getting down to the production business. However, with injuries to Ciaran Long, James Archer and Josh Ward and niggling problems to a couple of others, we have not been able to get the lines settled. Players are having to play out of position and not getting the normal chance to play on a settled line. I am sure everybody saw us having to play with two centres last week. We have a young squad and the learning curve is steep, especially with the added pressure of being defending champions.”

“Now, to add to that we have had the news that Jaroslav Spelda is in hospital for an operation on his ankle and will be out for a while. It is a big blow for us, but Phoenix have always stood by their players and will support Jaro totally in his recovery and look forward to him returning to the squad as soon as he can.

“But, as we all know, Phoenix never do things the easy way and we are hanging tough. We are a close-knit, growing organisation and will use all resources available to us to meet the challenges ahead. We are proud to be English Premier League Champions and will defend that title with everything we have.

“Our fans are, without doubt, the best in the league and Coach Hand has often talked of them as our extra player. We need them more than ever now to get behind the team during this tough time and support the club as they have admirably down since its inception. They can make a difference and give the players a lift when things don’t appear to be going their way.”

“Thanks, Neil.”