Basingstoke Bison vs Manchester Phoenix

Saturday, 26th November 2011

Basingstoke Bison 1 - Manchester Phoenix 5

Manchester Phoenix welcome back Jaroslav Spelda for today's game at Basingstoke but are without Tony Hand and Stephen Wallace both injured. TH has travelled and will be directing from the bench.

Steve Moria opens for the Bison after only 37 seconds (even handed). Redmond called for hooking at 1:25. Penalty killed successfully by the Bison and Ciaran Long fails to convert a golden opportunity. Tom Duggan levels the game at 5:12. Assists go to Neil & Cingel. Phoenix go 2:1 up at 6:59 with Duggan's 2nd of the night. Assists to 10 & 71. Ryan Johnson goes for slashing at 9:06 (killed). Ben Wood receives 2 minutes for delay of game at 16:05 (killed). Joe Miller receives a slashing penalty with 25 seconds of period remaining. An open period ends 2:1 to the Phoenix with Basingstoke playing a physical game.

The Phoenix advantage lasts only 17 seconds as Cingel is penalised for slashing and shortly afterwards Koulikov takes a puck to the leg. Tom Duggan scores his hat trick goal at 21:31 with assists going to 74 & 29. Phoenix score a fourth unassisted goal at 23:23 through Ciaran Long and Bison call a time out. Petran goes for high sticks at 28:02 and Harabin fires in from the blue line on the power play - Bison 1:5 Phoenix. Harabin takes a boarding from Wiggins at 32:29, the call is 5+game. Ciaran Long is penalised at 35:11 for charging resulting in a 4 on 4. Spelda is called at 38:01 for holding and Chinn and Harabin are called on the buzzer for hooking and tripping respectively. A solid 2nd period from the Phoenix with the Bison showing their frustration.

No incidents until Spelda goes for slashing and Phoenix call a time out, both at 47:30. The game, which was effectively won in the 2nd period ends 1:5 to the Phoenix. A solid team performance all round but special mention to Tom Duggan, Ladislav Harabin and Steve Fone, all of whom had excellent games. MOM was Steve Fone and the referee was Matt Thompson.