Phoenix player search continues

Thursday, 23rd October 2003

Whilst preparing for the weekend games against Sheffield and Basingstoke, Rick Brebant and the front office staff of the Phoenix continue to scour the hockey world for players.

Brebant noted on Wednesday, “We’ve had a couple of calls today from agents who think the next few days may see some new names become available and I’ve advised them to keep us posted. I’m not giving any clues away as to exactly what position we’re looking to fill because the grapevine tells me that other clubs are still looking and there’s no way I’m going to get drawn into any Dutch auction.”

The Phoenix are waiting for physio reports on Thursday as to the extent of the injury to defenceman Jeff Sebastian and Brebant is hoping that Shin Larsson-Yahata and Eric Lind will have benefited from two days solid rest having gone down with ‘flu. “It’s important that they rested up and kept up their fluid and vitamin C intake – the team is running into some form and it would be good to have a full bench for the weekend.”

Local player Brian Worrall is still recovering from a fractured wrist but has played an important role while sitting out the last three games. “Brian has been helping out with some key statistics,” advised Brebant, “and we’re now getting help in other key areas on a period by period basis on game night. These are little things that go a long way to helping us during the game and give us a better chance of winning.”

Brebant praised the travelling support the Phoenix enjoyed in Nottingham saying, “The fans that made the trip were terrific. We could hear them and it boosted our effort knowing they were behind us – we hope to see them again on Saturday and then in real force as we come home on Sunday with a point to prove against Basingstoke.”