Tony Hand: injury update

Tuesday, 13th December 2011

J Davidson sponsored Manchester Phoenix have received an update on Tony Hand’s injured ankle and it is not good news.

Tony visited a specialist today and was given the news that he has, indeed, fractured his ankle.

There was so much swelling after the injury, that the first x-ray did not show a fracture. With the ankle not responding, Tony went for a second x-ray and this still did not show any major problems.

Still in a lot of discomfort, the club sent him to see a specialist on Monday. After having an MRI scan, the specialist confirmed that he had a fracture near the hinge of the ankle bone.

This is another injury blow to the defending English Premier League champions who have not been able to ice with a full squad at any time this season. Losing last season’s League Most Valuable Player and top points scorer for some time is a huge set back to the club.

Coach Hand said: “The ankle did not seem to be getting any better and I went to the specialist who confirmed my fears. This is the worst injury I have had in 25 years of playing. I have been fortunate down the years and this is so frustrating. I will be having an operation on Thursday morning and will have a cast on for a few weeks, then hopefully start rehabilitation. Unfortunately I will likely be out for 6 to 8 weeks minimum. As a team we will soldier on and we are focussing all our attention on the weekend’s games against Slough and the vital League/Cup game with Milton Keynes on Sunday.”

Managing director Neil Morris commented: “This has been my most difficult season in hockey, having to worry about players’ future well-being and also their current health. I have never known so many injuries happening at once. Tony and I are working hard behind the scenes to try and strengthen the squad to keep us competitive while we are short of bodies. I stand by what I said a few weeks ago; that I firmly believe that we will be up there, challenging, when we get our squad up to full fitness.”

Tony Hand

Tony Hand will be out of action for another 6-8 weeks

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