"Nipper" of the bench

Friday, 31st October 2003

Paul ‘Nipper’ Bayliss, formerly head coach of the junior ice hockey development programme at Altrincham has joined the Manchester Phoenix as bench coach.

With head coach Rick Brebant electing to play, he recognised the need for assistance behind the bench and moved to bring in the former Altrincham favourite.

Brebant noted, “Paul and I have spoken, and I believe he can and will do an excellent job for the Phoenix while I play. He will run the bench and that is an important part of our game night strategy. He knows the game having spent a lifetime in it and all the British players know him from their time in the Altrincham programme.”

Bayliss commented, “I’m delighted for the opportunity to be involved, I’m looking forward to it and hope to bring some more intensity to the club. Rick and I have talked and he knows I wouldn't do it if I wasn't able to give it 100%"

He continued smiling, “As Rick says, the local British players know me well enough, maybe they will warn the import players ahead of me working with them. Initially, I'll be helping out by working the team along the guidelines and game plan that Rick devises. After that, if at any time he needs or asks for my opinion or help, I'll be willing to pitch in with ideas to hopefully make the team better. I just want to help bring the success that the team deserves... a lot of hard work has already been done, the team now needs to find the consistency or performance that will bring the results."