Phoenix and Metros’ Stars set to shine

Thursday, 23rd February 2012

It’s reached that time of year again when the Manchester Phoenix and the Trafford Metros meet for their annual all star game. This year the fixture will take place on Thursday 8th of March.

The format of the game will take a similar format to last year with 2 periods of hockey and a period of super skills, including fastest skater, hardest shot and accuracy shooting plus two new events.

So remember the way the teams are picked is through the winners of the Fantasy Phoenix competition so you’ve got a couple of weeks left to get as many points as possible to become GM for the evening, but don’t forget if you want your team to win it’ll be essential to have knowledge of skaters from both teams so if you’re not travelling with the Phoenix get down to the rink to see the Metros play.

Face off will be 19:30 and ticket prices are:


So get your managers hats on and get those all important points available and it could be you in the Phoenix dressing room alongside Tony Hand.