Battle of the Brains

Sunday, 9th November 2003

Many of you will know that our very own Captain George plays a mean guitar solo, but what else does he know about music? Can he be relied come to his team's aid and 'string' the other teams along, in next Wednesday's Battle of the Brains Quiz?

Many of you will know that Tricky is a natural at Doh-si-dohing, but can he doh-si-doh his team to success and say 'yee-ha' to a win for his gang, next Wednesday?

Many of you know that Shin Larsson Yahata cuts a mean jig-a jig, but has he got the mental stamina to cut it for his own team to 'jig' the opposition out of the 'barn' on the 12th?

Do you want to know the answers to these brainstorming questions? Of course you do. Let's face fans are known world wide for their brains, guile, cleverness, ingenuity and tactical play!? So, let's get ready to PROVE THE WORLD RIGHT. Get your brains...and preferable the rest of your bodies down to the Battle of the Brains on Wednesday.

All the guys will be there to be YOUR Captains for the night, helping YOU to win a prize. You can't expect them to do it all themselves can you?! Get your tickets from the FOMIH desk on Sunday or ring Carole on 01204 792226. Tickets cost £5 per adult FOMIH and affiliate member and is held on Wednesday 12th November at the Platt Lane Complex, Yew Tree Road, Fallowfield, Manchester.