Phoenix player search update...

Wednesday, 12th November 2003

Manchester Phoenix are growing ever confident of having at least one new player in their line-up on Saturday when they travel to Hampshire to take on the Basingstoke Bison.

Head coach Rick Brebant advised on Tuesday night that he has had a verbal agreement with the forward he has been tracking and all is now dependant upon the paperwork being processed to be able to bring the player into the UK for Saturday.

Brebant commented, “we’ve had good talks with the agent and we’re happy with the references we’ve taken up. I’ve spoken to the player and he says he is coming, so now it’s just down to the fax machine to cough up the signed contract and then someone to kickstart the airplane and he’ll be here in time.”

The Phoenix coach added, “Everyone has told us this guy is a good two-way forward, a hard worker and has a lot of good experience. He’s not an out and out sniper, but he’s put up some reasonable numbers and has good size. He’ll definitely help us up front.”

Meanwhile on the search for a new defenceman Brebant said he felt, “there might just be a little light at the end of the tunnel. A number of clubs around Europe are making some changes and one of those changes might just work out for us. But, and it’s a big but, we’re not the only club looking for d-men. It’s going to be a tight thing to find a guy for this weekend, but we’re working around the clock literally. We got a lead on Monday night from one of top European sources and we’ve been on that case today and we’ll be following it up on Wednesday.”