Our April Fool joke

Thursday, 1st April 2004

The responsible person has now been taken outside and shot! For those of you that missed it, the full item is left here for posterity...

The Manchester Phoenix today had their plans for the playoff finals thrown into disarray.

Overnight, the organisation received a fax from the United States demanding that the team change its name from "Manchester Phoenix" for copyright reasons.

The lawsuit has been filed in the District Court from the offices of attorneys Bauer, Schmidt and Dumart on behalf of the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The suit details that "because of the similarity in name, pronunciation and general locale, we demand that the name be changed as it costing our city valuable tourist business. Customers could quite easily become confused, especially during a search on Google. The word 'Phoenix' has been copyrighted on behalf of the State of Arizona and we will defend our trademark rights vigorously."

Phoenix MD Neil Morris commented "It was certainly a surprise when we heard about the impending lawsuit and we've got our top legal team onto it. At first we were dismissive, but on looking into their complaints about the similarities, such as the weather, then they may have a point. After all, the city of Phoenix borders a desolate, uninhabitable wasteland... and we're right next to Yorkshire."

He continued "It has come at a bad time. We are focusing on the semi-finals in Nottingham and trying to get the team ready through all these injuries. Rick's thigh is coming along nicely, Greenhous has had a new leg fitted but Morin came into training this morning having had a nasty accident with a lawnmower. Even Clancy hasn't cracked a rubbish joke all day. Though thinking about it, that might not be such a bad thing."