Clubbing together to support the Phoenix

Wednesday, 4th February 2015

A few seasons ago now The Manchester Phoenix Supporters Club became more than just a fund raiser for the team it loves. It became a fully recognised sponsor of the Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club here in Manchester. This has had a very positive effect with the organisation as they are always looking for help and support to keep ice hockey alive in Manchester. This decision was ratified this season when early on we lost new sponsors and as the season has progressed some sponsors have not been able to make their commitments with the club due to financial difficulties. The supporters club is still the only independent group that raises funds for the Premier League club. The supporters club has just donated £8500 of much needed funds to the ice hockey club. The supporters club will continue to raise funds for the rest of the season to help the club through these difficult economic times.  

Speaking on behalf of the Supporters Club, Nick Ogden said, "The club has really had some testing times in the last few seasons both on and off the ice, and there has been a couple of issues which has meant that the club has not received certain revenue streams on time, and this has led to us coming in and trying to help fill the black hole. This is after all what the supporters club is here for, and it's only with the help and support of our members and hard-working volunteers that we are able to do are part to ensuring that this club stays on the Ice."

Phoenix Managing Director, Neil Morris, said, "Without the help of supporters clubs in this country we are not sure if Ice Hockey would survive. Manchester is no different. We are just fortunate to have some of the best support in British ice hockey, a testament to how much the fans love their sport. I don’t think anybody really understands just how hard Manchester’s small band of volunteer’s works to raise this money with the members of the supporters club. The supporters club has become invaluable to Tony and I. You are all part of the team we put out week in and week out, thank you." 

If you are interested in joining the Supporters Club and helping it to become the most successful in the league, which in turn helps us to make the difference when it comes to the Phoenix, then come and see us under block 7 on match nights, or visit our webpage at