Larsson-Yahata returns to Sweden

Monday, 15th December 2003

Former Japanese Olympian Shin Larsson-Yahata bade an honourable farewell to the Manchester Phoenix on Sunday night having played his last game against Sheffield.

The 29-year old centreman advised the club of his wish to leave two weeks ago but agreed to stay until this weekend. Yahata said, “I don’t quite know why, but I’ve found it hard to settle in Manchester. The club has been very good to me, I like the city and the people have been very friendly but, I just haven’t felt at home. I talked to Rick a few weeks ago about how I thought it was affecting my game and he convinced me to stay and try to work through it. I did but for whatever reason, things still didn’t settle for me.”

Brebant commented, “Shinny came well recommended but maybe his style of game was not quite right for Britain. I give him credit for being honest enough to discuss things with me and I think he has tried his hardest to work out whatever he felt was wrong. He made his decision and we asked him to stay till this weekend, which he has done. I wish him well for the future in whatever he does and he showed class by thanking all of his team-mates for their patience and understanding of his situation.”

Of his immediate future Yahata noted, “I’ve got nothing definite in mind. I will go home to Sweden, take a rest and enjoy Christmas with my family and see what the New Year brings. I want to play on, and maybe that will take me back to Japan. I have an opportunity to become involved in a business venture in Japan involving a major Swedish company and that may well open other doors for me in the future. I’m sorry that the timing of my leaving comes when the team has lost another player – I wish the Phoenix well and am sure Rick will turn things around.”

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