Phoenix demonstrates how to use teamwork

Friday, 3rd April 2015

The Manchester Phoenix is strengthening its commercial foundations starting with inviting Wayne Scholes of Red Hockey to sit on their board of directors. Wayne brings a plethora of commercial business experience to the table honing his skills with some of the best multi-nationals in the world. Wayne, who has purchased 34% of The Phoenix, also owns this year’s English Premier League champions The Telford Tigers, and earlier this year purchased shares in the Bracknell Bees.

Neil Morris who built the Phoenix literally from smouldering ashes of The Manchester Storm has no intention of relinquishing control of the organisation he has nurtured for over 10 years now. He has said for a long time, that the only way that Ice Hockey will ever grow in the UK is if teams form partnerships and share resources, this will inevitably lead to growth and a better customer experience.

Morris said, “The Phoenix Ice Hockey Club has always been successful in Manchester. And now with the help of The Red Hockey organisation it will now demonstrate how sporting partnerships can benefit everybody. Both Tony Hand and I are excited about unlocking the potential of having a great Core of people at Red Hockey to call upon to drive the business forward.”

Wayne Scholes said, “I have always admired what Neil and Tony have built in Manchester sometimes in the face of adversity. Having these guys on board with The Red Hockey organisation is going to be a great asset to us. The whole point is that by working together, we have a stronger voice. That will help us to influence the league and ice hockey in general across the UK. We are at a crossroads in the UK where there are some competing ideas on what hockey should be and the future.

“There is strength in secure partnerships where rivalry can continue and sound commercial sense can help our three clubs thrive on and off the ice.”

Paul Baker, Director, Red Hockey, added: "Having three teams with a link at this weekend's play-offs will also give both Telford Tigers and Manchester Phoenix a nice lift. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could celebrate this new partnership with a Tigers vs Phoenix final? That is what I am looking forward to and hopefully, all three sets of supporters will join us in helping to make that happen."

Manchester Phoenix will go into this weekend’s playoffs with the short bench they have carried most of the season.

Tony Hand said “I think this small team surprised everybody in Basingstoke with a great win, let’s hope we can show a good account of ourselves in the tournament”