Hope can't wait to play for Hand

Wednesday, 15th July 2015

Trent Hope was lured to The Phoenix by the prospect of playing for Head Coach Tony Hand in the English Premier League next season.

Hope, 23, is the latest addition to Manchester's expanding squad, as they prepare to spend a year based at Deeside Ice Rink in Flintshire.

The young forward, who spent last season playing semi-professional ice hockey in Canada, is the son of former Cardiff Devils star Shannon Hope.

And he is looking to make the most of his chance to play under the watchful eye of Hand,

Hope said: "I used to watch Tony Hand play as a child, and I have always had a lot of respect for him. He is the only guy I have seen who kept the same skates throughout his career.

"I just enjoy the way he played the game, so for me to be part of his team is a big honour. I have a lot of respect for what Manchester are doing as well.

"I spoke to a lot of guys before making the move, and they said this is one of the best organisations to play for. It was a no-brainer to accept the invitation to play for them next year."

The Welshman spent his early career in Cardiff, before making the move to Canada last year.

It was here that he appeared alongside a string of former NHL and OHL players in Sudbury's 'Sportsman' league.

"Playing alongside those guys was a good chance to improve my skills, which I can use in the EPL next year," he added.

"I usually play right wing, but I like to be very adaptable. I've got no problem coming back and helping the boys in defence as well.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing the guys in the new season."

Trent Hope

Trent Hope

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