Phoenix start with Wildcats test

Monday, 27th July 2015

The Phoenix will open their pre-season campaign next month with a home and away series of games against Swindon Wildcats.

The English Premier League outfit will travel to Wiltshire on Saturday, August 29th, before the return game at Deeside Ice Rink just 24 hours later.

Club bosses are planning a string of summer encounters, as the team adjusts to life at a new – albeit temporary home – in North Wales.

Phoenix Head Coach, Tony Hand, is looking forward to getting his preparations for the new season underway. 

He said: “The summer has been long and arduous for everybody involved with The Phoenix, but we are now, at last, getting to what’s important.

“The fans just want to watch their side back in action, playing to best of its ability. This year’s squad will be skillful, hard working and leave nothing on the ice. 

“Swindon Wildcats are going through a change, with Stevie Lyle taking over as coach. They are an unknown quantity in that respect, and will give us two very good games.

“With the side that Stevie is putting together, I expect them to be near the top of the league next March.

“This team might be playing out of Deeside for a season, but we are still Manchester at heart. That is where we were born, out of the ashes of the old Storm.” 

Phoenix owner, Neil Morris, has also spent the summer making plans for a new home – and is delighted to finally get the new campaign underway.   

“It is fair to say that I have never been so keen for a season to start as this one,” he said.

“The team that Tony is putting together will be incredibly exciting to watch, starting with these two pre-season games against Swindon. 

“Travelling to the Link Centre is always tough, but I am sure our fans will back us all the way. Then it is our opening night in Deeside – something for everyone to look forward to.

“This is part of a journey for this club, which will see us playing out of a brand-new arena in Manchester. So I am urging every Phoenix fan to show what this club means to them.”