Support sets the Tone for Morris

Sunday, 2nd August 2015

Phoenix owner Neil Morris has called on the club’s “incredible” fans to back Tony’s Hand’s drive for a second EPL title in three years next season.

Over 300 supporters packed out a meeting at the Mercure Hotel in Piccadilly on Friday night, as the Phoenix unveiled their newly designed shirts and logo.

A temporary move out of Manchester will see the club play home games at Deeside Ice Rink for twelve months, while a new arena in the city is built.

Morris, who formed Manchester Phoenix out of the ashes of the original Storm in 2003, is determined to see the Phoenix return to the city as champions next year.

He said: “There have been a few dark moments this summer, but you know what? Seeing so many supporters at Friday’s meeting was really heart-warming. It was an incredible feeling.

“The backing of Red Hockey has helped of course, but it is the fans who have made the difference. They are the people who gave Tony and I the belief to keep going.

“Our Mission is to see The Phoenix play their first season in the new arena as EPL champions. That will rank above anything I have seen during my career in ice hockey.

“We won the league a year ago and there is no reason, with the team Tony Hand has signed, why we can’t repeat that. If we had a trophy just for fans, we would win every year!”

Both the logo and shirt designs were warmly welcomed by fans, who were also treated to the news of a new signing – Finn Nico Aaltonen.

Morris added: “Nico has come in quite quickly, but he is a guy who could become a major star for us. He has the ability to make a difference all over the ice.

“Anyone who has played 199 games in the Finnish top league, and at just 27, has clearly got a lot of skill. On the bigger ice pad in Deeside, he will really shine.”

Hand is set to make further additions to his squad in coming weeks – including another import forward.

“Tony’s ability to find great players from all over the world is second to none,” Morris said.

“That is why I have no doubt he will dig up another gem. Our British line-up is looking great as well, especially with Mark Thomas coming in.

“I have the same feeling of confidence I had two years ago and we all know what happened then. Having the EPL champions playing in a brand new arena would be great news for the whole of Manchester.”