The Phoenix fight for Manchester

Friday, 4th December 2015

The Phoenix have set up a Supporters Trust to gain funding in order to complete this season and get back home to Manchester next season.

At the end of last season, due to a situation beyond their control they were unable to continue playing home games in Manchester, leaving the club little choice but to try and find an alternative home to compete in the Premier Ice Hockey league, leading to this season being played out in Deeside, North Wales. The move has not only impacted the ability for the massive Manchester fan base they have gained over the last 10 years, to make the trip to Deeside every Sunday, but to sponsors/investors who have found it challenging to support a team with their heart in Manchester but a home in North Wales.

The Clubs owner Neil Morris said "We know that we need to get back to Manchester next season, the demand is high from our fans and sponsors alike, the re-location this season has hit us hard and I'm not hiding that fact, the new arena is and can happen, it will be great for the Phoenix and the Manchester economy, but we need help to make it to the end of this season at Deeside or we can't make coming home to Manchester a reality. I am fighting for this club, we can do it, we've done it before! We are not ungrateful to Deeside, without the Flintshire Council stepping in to help there would have been no Phoenix at all this season, something we will never forget and Deeside people and their Ice Hockey Team, The Deeside Dragons are now in our Phoenix Family"

The Phoenix are now turning to the Faithful and commercial Businesses to help bring them home to Manchester next season. The Phoenix Supporters Trust will offer multiple levels of rewards in return for investments, starting from just £20.