Message from Neil Morris: Wayne Scholes

Sunday, 6th December 2015

I just wanted to say on behalf of the club how grateful we are to Wayne Scholes and Red Hockey. If Wayne had not stepped in last season and bought shares in the club, there would probably not be a Phoenix any more.

Being involved in British Ice Hockey is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. I don’t believe anybody will ever find it easy. Wayne has tried hard to help us here in Manchester while under very difficult commercial confinements. 

Wayne is a visionary with some fantastic ideas, he would not have got where he is today if he were not. Sometimes realising that vision is not always possible in the environment that you find yourself in.

Wayne has offered for the club to buy his shares back at a vastly reduced rate to help generate cash and get us back to Manchester, He is proud to be part of the Phoenix family and is actually in awe of the support this club gets. He therefore would like to keep a small amount of shares so he may also be one of the first to walk into the new building back home.

I personally would like to thank Wayne for his help so far and to also say that without the many people who have shared this journey with me I would have walked away from this a long time ago. Probably not the right thing to say but I actually love you all for what you do for this club and I.

I will fight for you and this club and do my best to get us home into a building next season. #PTID

Neil Morris

Phoenix MD - Neil Morris

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