Phoenix public forum

Tuesday, 8th December 2015

This Saturday 12th December 2015 The Manchester Phoenix will be holding a Public Forum Live @ the Deeside Leisure Centre. The meeting will start prompt at 5.30 pm. In the MAR on the top floor. Please ask at reception for directions.

Neil Morris will lay out what the plan is for the club to get through the season.

He will also explain how he is taking the club forward with a change in strategy for playing back in Manchester next season. Questions that have already been placed into the public domain will be covered in full.

For instance

  • What is the money to spent on that is raised by the Trust?
  • How much does a little team like this cost to run?
  • How can we get more players on the squad?
  • What happens if we don’t make it home?
  • ..etc etc..

We will also take as many questions from the floor as we possibly can.

We will be changing the times of the coach to be earlier so that everybody can attend.

This weekend is looking like it will be great for everybody. So we hope to see as many Phoenix fans there as is at all possible.