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Wednesday, 18th May 2016

The following is a statement from Neil Morris:

"Freezing Point Limited has ceased trading and is now subject to insolvency proceedings pursuant to the Insolvency Act 1986.

"As Manchester Phoenix tweeted last night, the future of Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club (MPIHC) is no more in jeopardy today than it was yesterday.

"Freezing Point Limited is not MPIHC. As many know, the Phoenix brand has been used under licence by Freezing Point Limited for years.

"Sadly, Freezing Point Limited has been brought to the point of insolvency and cannot continue to trade. I am, by far, the company's biggest creditor. I take, by far, the biggest financial hit in taking this action.

"Nevertheless, Phoenix continues. As English Ice Hockey Association chairman, Ken Taggart said yesterday, " gut feeling says we’ll still have ten teams next season."

"We have spent a long time now working on securing the new rink and new partners for the Club.

"We have done this against a background of sniping, bad-mouthing and attempts to prevent a new rink being opened in Manchester.

"We have done this whilst not being able to tell our own supporters the details for commercial reasons. We know that it is frustrating for everyone. We are aware of people feeling uncertain. We are only too aware of the deadlines in making sure that we are ready for you in September.

"Please understand this: we will tell you all of the details. We cannot do it right now because it is still being negotiated. It would be crazy for us to be doing all of this work to make this happen, only to fail because we couldn't wait until everything was set in stone.

"Over the last year or so people have made investments of time, money and "bricks" in the future of the Phoenix. The Club will honour that by bringing a strong, sustainable and mostly British team back to the heart of this great city for the 2016/17 season.

"And when we do, you will know that you were right to Keep The Faith."

Neil Morris

Neil Morris

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