Station Location Altrincham, that'll do nIcely!!

Thursday, 5th January 2006

Manchester Phoenix ice hockey fans and supporters of ice sports in general can look forward to a bright new future following full approval of plans for a new ice rink at Station Location in Altrincham.

Trafford Borough Council's Planning Committee met on Thursday January 5th for final consideration of the plans submitted by 'nIce Leisure' and after a lengthy meeting, a vote was taken and the outcome was unanimously in favour of the new ice facility.

Phoenix Managing Director Neil Morris commented, "We've come a long way to get to this moment. It's taken a while longer than we expected, but we feel that we have done this exercise professionally and diligently, and the vote tonight, whilst stressful, was a marvellous experience. I'm not a father yet, but the feeling I had when the unanimous verdict was announced must be similar to that of a father at the birth of a first child - I'm delighted, not just for myself and the hockey club, but for everyone who wanted a new ice facility in the area."

The next stage of the scheme will be production of a building schedule and then the real work can commence with construction intended to be finished and the building operational in July.

Morris added, "I have a lot of people to thank for their roles in bringing this venture to the stage where we're close to breaking soil and I will get around to that. I'd also like to thank the members of Trafford Borough Council for their thoroughness in examining and ultimately approving these plans. I believe that together with developers Nikal David McLean, we will build a facility to be proud of and that together with Mike Petrouis, my partner in 'nIce Leisure,' we will build an ice sports and recreational programme to do justice to the great sporting tradition of the area."

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