Phoenix to attend Elite League fixtures meeting this week

Sunday, 25th June 2006
Next Thursday (29th) will see the Elite League teams convene for the annual bun-fight that makes up the regular league season fixtures meeting. In what is usually quite a lengthy process, representatives from all ten competing clubs will discuss, haggle, bargain and permutate (and maybe to some extent argue) over the best possible dates for games. Tony Hand and Andy Costigan will represent the Phoenix who will be looking to make Sunday the predominant home game day at the new Altrincham Ice Dome.
With the Premiership having announced the football fixtures last Thursday, Phoenix may consider switching some games to Saturday to avoid potential clashes with Manchester United home games on Sundays. With tongue firmly in cheek, a Phoenix spokesperson quipped, "Naturally, we are conscious that our playing at a similar time as United could affect their crowd attendance."