Phoenix waiting on medical reports

Thursday, 9th November 2006

Manchester Phoenix coach Tony Hand has his fingers crossed that some of his injured players will be ready to play this coming weekend.

The Phoenix supreme commented, "all teams expect a few injuries through the course of a season, but we seem to have had them all come at once. We've had six guys receiving treatment since last weekends' games against Coventry and we won't know till Friday how many will be ready to play this weekend."

Hand added, "the medical staff and the team physio have been working on the guys as much as they can to try and get them ready. A couple of the guys have been going for treatment twice a day and will do right up until the bus leaves for Edinburgh on Saturday morning."

Phoenix travel to Scotland on Saturday to meet the Capitals in a 6.00pm face-off at Murrayfield Ice Rink before returning south for Sunday nights 'home' game against the Sheffield Steelers being staged in Ice Sheffield with a 7.30pm face-off time.

Hand ended saying, "we hoping at least three or fours of the injured players will be cleared to play and we're working hard to get a new player into the country in time to play both games at the weekend. A lot is hanging on flights and fingers crossed, if we can get the guy in the air in time, he won't lose any equipment en route."