Statement from Ice Associates

Tuesday, 21st November 2006

New Altrincham Ice Dome

After several fraught weeks of persistent wrangles with the structure supplier over failure to deliver critical elements of the structure that have been paid for and promised on numerous occasions, we are now able to see an end to the matter with the final key elements being delivered late this week.

These unprecedented delays on delivery have not only caused a considerable cost escalation due to standing plant and manpower resource, but have inevitably delayed the proposed opening of the rink.

With the structure elements finally on site, the roofing beams will begin to be positioned on Monday 27th November, the roofing itself following 10 days behind.

Whilst works at ground level have been ongoing, the delay on the structure delivery will now mean that the rink will not open until 28th January for the first home game for the Phoenix at the new ice arena.

We are extremely disappointed that despite both our clients and own extensive and exhaustive efforts to get the supplier to deliver to their own stated programme, they failed to respond positively.

As main sponsors of the Phoenix it is particularly gruelling to have to keep the team on the road for this extra period. We sincerely hope that the fans will continue to support them through these bleak days and understand that everyone is fully committed to delivering them a new home at the earliest opportunity.

Steve Rattle

Managing Director

Ice Associates Ltd

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