Thommo's Top 40 to be whittled down to 30 in six weeks

Thursday, 18th January 2007

Great Britain Ice Hockey Coach Paul Thompson has just six weeks to submit 30 names to the IIHF, the Worlds Governing body. The final 22 players taking part in this years World Championships in Slovenia will come from that list.

Thompson has already earmarked 40 players that he thinks are still in contention for a place on the plane to Slovenia. "I am in the process of making further contact with approximately 40 players and their clubs as we speak," said Thompson, "we are making sure that everyone we are thinking about for the World Championships are available and are fully committed to the programme."

He added, "My provisional list has included many names that have surprised me, players who have really come to play this season, really shown me that they can make a difference and want to be a part of what we are trying to do here. Of course as in all situations like this, there will be winners and losers, and some players will of course be disappointed when the final 22 are decided upon."

"I have another six weeks before my full squad of 30 are put forward and there is time for many guys to make me sit up and notice them, I just hope they don't always try and do it against my Coventry team."