Fixture update and Meet the Players on Sunday

Thursday, 25th January 2007

As you know missing the deadline for the opening of the ICE Dome causes all sorts of logistical problems for the team and the bmibaby Elite League, as well as you, our unbelievably loyal fanbase.

We have therefore taken the decision - to avoid any further complications - to play our first home game on February 17th with the visitors being the Edinburgh Capitals.

We have re-scheduled the games against Basingstoke, Belfast and Nottingham, and are just awaiting confirmation from Hull as to a new date for the game against the Stingrays. The club and I are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

In lieu of missing the opening night that should have happened this Sunday, some of the players and I thought we might instead have a quiet drink in the team room on Sunday (28/01/07) at the Sports Cafe on Quay Street, Manchester.....

I believe we will have the odd shirt or two to give away, some brand new calendars, a new DVD 'The Road Home' and we might even tell a few stories about what happens behind the scenes.

Even though there won't be a game, we'd still like to see you, so if the Sports Cafe is good for you from around 7.00pmish - we look forward to your company.