Phoenix confirm second trial session

Thursday, 12th June 2003

Manchester Phoenix Head Coach Rick Brebant has convened a second trials session for northwest hockey hopefuls as he continues his evaluation processes in putting together his first squad of players.

"One of the core aims and guiding principles of the new Elite Ice Hockey League is a commitment to help produce and include home grown talent," confirmed the Phoenix coach. "Our first trials were a very successful initial look at a number of players and this second session will give me more of an opportunity to evaluate further those same players."

All of the original twenty-three that attended the first trials have been offered a second chance on Sunday June 22nd and Brebant has hinted that more than one could well be offered a chance with the Phoenix. "I'll be running the second session myself and having watched the players from the stands the first time, I'm keen to work with them personally. After the trials, I'll sit down and evaluate further all my notes, talk to the local coaches and then make my decision as to which players I would like to progress further with and potentially invite to join the Phoenix."

Brebant is also keen to continue to work with the local coaches on the long-term development of their players. "I have no intention of interfering with the local coaches, my aim is to help supplement their work whenever and however I am asked to. I feel very confident that as coaches we can work together towards the best possible projection of the local players with their current teams and hopefully on into the professional game with the Phoenix."

Together with running the local trials, Brebant continues to sift his way through player resumes coming to him from across Europe and North America. "I've got my eyes on a number of potential players. The job right now is about solid research and getting references. I expect to be in a position to offer a couple of contract offers within the next week or so."