Message from the MD

Thursday, 29th March 2007

Well folks, here is it... the last home game of the season in Altrincham for the Phoenix senior team, but hopefully, not the last game...

Sunday brings the curtain down on senior team hockey at the Ice Dome as we battle the Cardiff Devils for the right to go to the Playoff Finals Weekend in Nottingham... and what an Easter Weekend that could prove to be for everyone concerned with the Phoenix.

It's been a long hard season for everyone beginning with all the delays, the toing and froing to Deeside and Ice Sheffield and then more delays, but we finally got there and we have our new home ice arena.

It's well documented that before the season, we set ourselves a target of making the post-season playoffs... and we did that. When we talked about a slightly more ambitious finishing place, we mentioned sixth as being a very successful season... and we did that too.

So what can we hope for now... we can hope to beat Cardiff over the two legs of the quarterfinal this weekend - don't forget that Sunday's game is a 7.30pm face-off - and to make the Finals Weekend would be an enormous bonus for us all. To hope publicly for anything more at this stage would be greedy, but privately, we can all hope to get there and then qualify for the final - that would be the icing on the cake.

Enough day-dreaming though, we have a job to do and we only have two games to do it in. Saturday the team travel to Cardiff and no doubt there will be a small army of noisy Phoenix fans there too. But Sunday is the BIG ONE - it's the last home game of the season and one not to be missed. It's a rallying call for all Phoenix fans to get your tickets for Sunday and be part of the army to cheer the boys on as they go for playoff glory.

Sunday may be the final home game for the senior team, but there is Phoenix Junior going right on into April and fill details are on the website at so you can get behind the future of the club as they too go for promotion places in their respective conferences. The Juniors have endured as much disruption as the senior team have and it is to their enormous credit that all three teams are to say the least competitive.

This club is going places and we want you to be a part of it. Support the seniors this Sunday as we go for the Playoff Finals Weekend and get right behind the Junior teams as they too go for their amazing first-season aims.