Johan says, "Keep smiling."

Sunday, 17th June 2007

Swedish sniper Johan Molin, who topscored for the Phoenix in the return to Elite league action last season, has sent a "Keep Smiling" message to the Phoenix club and our supporters.

In dialogue with GM Andy Costigan, Johan said, "As you probably already know, I've signed with Nottingham. I just want you and everyone to know that it has nothing to do with whether my wife and I didn't like Manchester and the Phoenix, we had a really good time last year."

He continued, "I want to thank you and all the people around the team last year, you made life easier for all the guys on the team. You always had smiles on your faces even though we had some hard time with the rink. Keep up your smiles, I am positive you will all have a lot of good times in the future. I hope you are not too angry with me."

Andy commented, "it was nice to get the message from Johan, it showed he has a genuine feeling for our club and I told him I didn't think anybody in Manchester was angry. Disappointed yes, but that's the way things go. He has to do whatever he feels is in the best interests of his family and we must respect that. We were keen to retain him as a player, but he's made his decision and we have to move on. I'm sure he will get a great reception from Phoenix fans and that's what I told him to expect... although I did also ask him to refrain from scoring against us."