Mike Morin first Phoenix signing

Wednesday, 25th June 2003

Manchester hockey favourite Mike Morin has become the first player to sign with the newly-formed Manchester Phoenix.

Morin who spent six years icing with the Phoenix predecessors before splitting last season between Hull and Sheffield has agreed terms with former team mate Rick Brebant now head coach of the Phoenix.

Speaking from Canada a happy Brebant noted, “I’ve played with Mikey on two different teams and appreciate exactly what he brings to the table. His whole game is based around an unquenchable work ethic and in a tough, physical game like ice hockey that goes a long, long way to building a strong team. I’m delighted that Mike has agreed to play for the Phoenix and I know his signing will make an awful lot of Manchester hockey fans happy.”

Thirty-one year old Mike Morin said, “I’ve always enjoyed living and playing in Manchester and when Rick was appointed, I was pleased when he contacted me with regards to joining the Phoenix. We got together, talked and one thing led to another to the point where I was pleased to say yes to him. As he said, we’ve played together on two different teams and I know what a great player he was – I’m now looking forward to playing for him and helping put Manchester ice hockey well and truly back on the map.”

Brebant, currently in Canada on family and scouting business added, “Mike is a very experienced player. Some would call him a veteran but, he’s a whole lot younger than me and I think he has a great deal to offer our organisation. He’s a popular player with the fans and will be a role model to the younger players who will join the club.”

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