It's all go in the EIHL

Monday, 25th June 2007

It's a busy week for Elite League owners and GM's as back-to-back meetings take place Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday sees the monthly Board Meeting of the bmibaby Elite League and that is followed by the annual bun fight that is the Fixtures Meeting on Thursday.

Phoenix GM Andy Costigan noted, "The monthly Board Meeting is the regular catch-up around the clubs and the ideal avenue for new initiatives and ideas to be considered. There is always a frank, and sometimes humourous, expression of opinion as ideas are shared around on ways to make the league more attractive and entertaining."

Looking ahead to Thursday Andy added, "At least this year, we won't be looking at having to find ice outside Manchester for our home games and won't be asking teams to go here and there like last season. Whilst everyone expects to get a large percentage of their games cast in stone on Thursday, nothing will be published for at least a week, maybe longer, as the arena teams are more susceptible to having dates moved around as the venues accommodate concerts etc. It's always an interesting day that's for sure."