Phoenix enlist former army PTI

Monday, 27th August 2007

Manchester Phoenix have enlisted the services of former Army Physical Training Instructor Stuart Ness to be the Team Physiotherapist.

Stuart Ness joined the armed services as a Military Policeman and became a qualified army PTI while serving in Germany. His training of fellow soldiers took him to several notable and often dangerous ‘hot-spots’ including Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. He remarked, “I’ve helped train guys to operate in all sorts of terrain and climate conditions, and still work today as a personal trainer utilising proven military fitness techniques for endurance, conditioning and weight loss.”

After leaving the army in 2006, Stuart embarked on his new career as a Sports Therapist achieving a Level 5 Advanced Diploma working on musculo-skeletal injuries at his new clinic. Specialising in spinal and back injuries, Stuart has worked with professional boxers and cyclists amongst others together with general patients suffering from Repetitive Strain and chronic back injuries. Stuart’s extensive CV includes qualifications in other techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Mobilisation/Release, PNF, and Exercise Therapy.

Now he’s joining forces with the Phoenix to help keep the newly-assembled roster in tip-top condition as Team Physiotherapist. “Since Ice Hockey has been a sport I’ve loved to watch since childhood, and having a keen interest in the Phoenix, I decided to see if I could come on board with my fast growing knowledge and experience. I’d really like to specialise as a Sports Therapist within the Ice Hockey game, so I’m delighted to be joining the club and will do everything within my powers to keep the guys in the best shape I can. I’m excited about working together with the other members of the Phoenix medical staff, it’s important that we work together as a team off the ice, just as the players will on the ice.”