Are the Phoenix being manipulated?

Friday, 14th September 2007

Too right they are... by Doug Clark, Sports Chiropractor at Dynamic Chiropractic in Sale.

When Doug was asked to work with the Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club he was delighted. He has worked for Sale Sharks in Rugby Union, several Professional Football Clubs, Lancashire County Cricket Club and the British Athletic Team, so it seemed Ice Hockey would be an exciting new challenge.

Dynamic Chiropractic on Northenden Road in Sale has first class treatment facilities and a team of State Registered Chiropractors treating people of all ages and all levels of fitness. Chiropractors treat joint, muscle and nerve problems anywhere in the body using a range of techniques. They get to the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms using safe, controlled manual adjustments to restore mobility and relieve pain.

This seemed just the ticket for the Phoenix. Doug and the Phoenix Management had an instant chemistry - both realising that they were 100% committed to achieving optimum health, stamina and strength within the team. Phoenix GM Andy Costigan commented, "Doug will be working with all the players to help maximise performance and prevent injuries. He will be looking after the player's whole musculoskeletal system, not just their backs." Phoenix MD Neil Morris added, "Doug is going to be so important to keeping our players on the ice as much as possible and injury free, and that will definitely help us in our search for success this season."

Doug Clark replied, "one of the biggest perks of my job is to watch sportsmen and women perform at their highest level. Really from day one of qualifying as a Chiropractor I have wanted to be involved in sports at the highest level possible. I love seeing an athlete's condition improve, with them going on to deliver the goods when it really matters. I saw a couple of the Phoenix players last season, now I'll be working with the whole squad and that excites me."

K.C Timmons, or 'The Chief,' as he is known by the Phoenix Faithful, benefited from the treatment at Dynamic Chiropractic last season. Timmons noted, "I visited Dynamic last season and they really helped me keep in great shape. The clinic is a nice place to visit, the people really friendly and helpful... and they know their business. I've been worked on by chiropractors before and Doug and his team are terrific, I know I'm in good hands and after our initial visits to Doug, so now do the rest of the Phoenix players."

Doug Clark closed adding, "The Phoenix have put together a quality off-ice support team, and we're delighted to be a major part of it. We're all looking forward to a highly successful season."

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